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SEO and Beyond is a no-nonsense guide to successfully promoting your website on the internet. It will change the way you think about digital marketing. Packed with sensible advice - everything from choosing the best domain name to how to employ social media - this book reveals the core strategies of two experts in the field who have helped countless small businesses thrive online. You'll find out how SEO really works!

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SEO And Beyond: How to Rocket your Website to Page One of Google

Website Design in Milan, Michigan

Are you getting the calls and inquiries you need for your Washtenaw County business?

Is your message clearly defined and getting across to your target customers?

Do you want to get to page one on Google?

Your business may deliver great products or services, you may find it difficult to get the word out. These days, the ultimate place to share your message is online, but it’s more work and requires more specialized knowledge than ever before.

The most successful businesses develop an authentic, engaging online presence and find ways to share their message on many different digital platforms. That’s why they search out an established, effective website design in Milan, Michigan. The people we work with are successful and passionate about what they do, but they recognize that they need help getting their word out consistently over the long term using best practices. That’s where we come in. Michigan SEO Group is your expert internet marketing fulfillment team!

SEO and Beyond – Getting Results

Our goals, with Warp Drive Internet Marketing, go far beyond traditional SEO.

Our goals include:

  • Identifying your target audience.
  • Getting you listed higher in the search engine for relevant terms.
  • Getting more qualified visitors to your site (people who are actually interested in the products and services that you offer).
  • Filling your site with original and truly useful and helpful content so that visitors to your site engage and stay longer.
  • Enticing your visitors to either buy something or provide you with an email address so you can establish and grow your relationship.
  • Test and measure your results – improve or remove.

Remember, not everyone is ready to buy right now. There are three types of Internet users:

  1. The Learners-“Learners” are people who aren’t necessarily in the market to buy, at least not right now. But they’re interested in learning more, and if you do a good job of engaging with them, they’re good candidates to become customers down the road.
  2. The Shoppers- “Shoppers” are people who are interested in buying, but are doing research to find the best solution for their particular needs.
  3. The Buyers- And of course if someone is interested in buying something now, you want to make it obvious and easy for them!

Of course there’s a lot that goes into doing all this properly (each step requires a deep understanding of the “best practices” for implementation). If you want to do it yourself, more power to you! We wrote a book on it, so picking up a copy would be a great place to start your education... or call us for a consultation and we’ll give you a copy!

Website Design for Your Milan Business

If you need help with your website, social media, search engine optimization or content writing to reach your target audience, we’d love to help! Success is a terrific bonding experience, and we love making new friends.

If you’re considering a website design for your Milan business, call us at 877-815-6974 to arrange a visit and get your questions answered by our experts. If you’re more comfortable with email, you can reach us at info@michiganseogroup.com or just contact us here. We’d love to start you on your journey to a robust online presence and success on the Internet

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SEO Ann Arbor has assisted our Global Sales Team by increasing our number of customer inquiries, leads, and sales. This has been achieved by the efficient and effective management of our SEO process, which is continually improving month by month.

This company got me to the top of page one on Google. If you are not doing any Internet marketing or are not happy with who is doing your Internet marketing I would highly recommend this company. Great people and the results are clear!

I recently requested that SEO Ann Arbor update my search engine optimization concerning Geothermal Heating and Cooling. After a short time of under a month we were listed on the first page of Google! I received a call from an out of state construction firm who found our company only because of the excellent work of SEO Ann Arbor. This contact purchased a system and paid for the work of SEO Ann Arbor 20 times over. This is truly one of the best business decisions I have ever made to have them update our SEO.

The owner, Nick, is willing to meet you face-to-face, listen to your concerns, and meet your needs. Our company, Mussio Painting, has skyrocketed to the top of Google and this result has created enough business that I had to turn down five to six calls a day this past season. In a digital world, finding the right SEO company is a must. Let Nick and his team at SEO Ann Arbor help you increase your business opportunities. They are experts in marketing and will take you to the top! SEO Ann Arbor is important part of my business!

I'm truly proud of the work and donations we've done on the Carr Fire – there is no way we could have done the amount of work we did and in turn donate the amount of money we were able to without your help. I think we'll end up donating over $10,000 back to homeowners who lost their homes in the fire ... You guys have been awesome.


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